3 Types Of Small Business Loans Explained

While it would be ideal for small businesses to fund their expansion plans with their own money, most of them simply do not have that additional cash to invest into their growth. As such, they have to turn to external sources for funding, such as bank loans. This way, these…

Reasons To Get A Business Loan

You’ve probably heard that it takes money to grow money. By having extra financial aid to invest wisely in your business, you get the opportunity to realize that return on income and grow your business. Most people think that taking loans for your business means that the business is not…

Money Avenue Can Help Investors Secure Loans For Commercial Real Estate Investments

For investors to secure loans for commercial real estate investments, it is important that they first understand what it entails. To put it simply, a commercial real estate loan is a mortgage loan for commercial property. Business owners who are vacillating between renting and purchasing may want to consider the…

Important Financial Lessons For Startup Entrepreneurs

Without doubt, startup entrepreneurs can be said to be risktakers and adventurers. In this day and age, quitting a stable job to build up a business from scratch is taking a huge leap of faith. Along the way, some valuable lessons will be learned. Unfortunately, some of those lessons are…

Top Tips To Navigate The SBA Loan Default Process

If you are a business owner, and you have defaulted on your business loan, it may feel like the end of the world. If, however, you went with an SBA loan – though it's still a matter of some seriousness – defaulting there is different from defaulting on an average…
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