Money Avenue TCPA Policy

Our TCPA Policy:

Email: For information regarding our Email policy, please visit:

Time Sensitive Instructions: When communicating with us through this website, App, PC-talk, chat or via Email, do not use the website, App, PC-talk, chat or Email to communicate any time-sensitive instructions that are in any way related to or affect your loan, loan application or closing (such as interest rates locks, cancellation of a closing, rescissions, or the like). Such instructions may not be honored. All transactions conducted on this website, PC-talk, chat or via Email, must be confirmed in writing by us to be accepted by and binding upon us.

Loan Approvals: All loan approvals, qualifications, rate locks, deposit and refund agreements, and the like, are only made by Money Avenue in writing. Approvals and qualifications are conditional in accordance with their terms except as be specifically provided for in writing signed by Money Avenue.

Credit Reports: By applying for credit, you are authorizing Money Avenue to obtain a copy of your credit report. As a result, a “hard” inquiry may appear on your credit report. A hard inquiry may negatively affect your credit score.

E-Signature: General communications through this website, PC-talk, chat or via Email are not intended by us to constitute either an electronic record or an electronic signature, or to constitute any agreement by the sender to conduct a transaction by electronic means, unless a specific statement to the contrary is included in the message and specific e-signature procedures are employed. However, your assent to a “click to accept” button or box is binding upon you.

Recording & Monitoring of Communications: Your communications with us via the website, App, PC-talk, chat Email, and telephone may be recorded or monitored and by using such communications methods you are consenting to the recording or monitoring of the same.

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